What is 3D face lipo?


3D face lipo is a mildly invasive procedure, quite easy and safe, that includes removing fat from certain areas where there is in excess and adding it to areas where it is needed. Its goal is to create a contoured face and improve the patients total appearance.

Who’s a good candidate?


You are a perfect candidate for a 3D face lipo if your face has lost its volume due to ageing and you wish to have a more youthful appearance and a contoured profile. This is the ideal method for those who desire a visible rejuvenation of their face with no downtime and minimal recovery.

Facts I need to know


Our own body’s fat is a safe substance that does not cause allergies and, in most cases, is found in abundance. Using the liposculpture method we can remove fat from certain areas where there is in excess, and add it in areas where it is needed to add volume. Liposuction is used in order to remove fat from areas like the chin and we add it in areas where it is needed to enhance the appearance of the face such as under the eyes or on the cheekbones. The result is a much younger looking and firmer skin. The results of liposculpture are permanent: the fat-cells that are removed from an area don’t ever regenerate whereas the fat that is transferred to other areas is very lasting and doesn’t get absorbed for at least 6 years.

Recovery Time


After a liposculpture procedure patients may notice swelling and bruising on the face but these symptomes gradually fade. They may use ice packs to treat the areas as well as make up to cover the bruising. Patients can return to work after a few days. Results are visible right away and they continue to improve as the swelling subsides. Appearance is improved, rejuvenated and refreshed without an overly dramatic change

Doctor’s Remarks


3D Face Lipo is a technique that I can include in every face rejuvenation program. Removing fat from the chin and jowls and adding it to areas wher it is needed, such as the cheekbones, the cheeks, the forehead, the neck and the decolletage gives me the possibility to turn back time and make the face looking naturally youthful. Another advantage of the liposculpture is that the human fat is rich in stem cells and these cells help further rejuvenate the skin since they act against wrinkles, dark spots and rough texture. I often combine the 3D face lipo technique with a radio frequency face tightening procedure, just before transferring the fat, in order to have a visible lifting effect on women of an older age.