What is plastic surgery after an accident?

Plastic surgery may have many benefits for accident victims that need face or body reconstruction in order to restore their appearance as well as their bodies natural functions. In these cases there is a combination of different techniques in order to achieve the best result that will improve the patient’s psychology and will make his every day life much easier.

Who’s a good candidate?

Any patient, man, woman or child, that has suffered trauma during an accident may consider a plastic surgery. Candidates should wait until their injuries have completely healed before undergoing a cosmetic or plastic surgery. They should also not suffer from any serious health conditions besides their accident injuries. The doctor will carefully study each case and decide if patients are candidates for plastic surgery. Candidates should have realistic expectations when it comes to severe scarring and know that there are surgical as well as non invasive methods that can reduce the appearance of scars and marks but cannot entirely remove them.

Facts I need to know

There are different techniques and approaches the doctor might consider to treat accident injuries. Plastic surgery can help cover severe scarring and burn marks. It can also help address rare cases of face reconstruction. Choosing a trained plastic surgeon to undertake this kind of surgery is crucial to success. Facial reconstructive plastic surger is used ro repair damaged facial feautures and is a complicated proceure. Plastic surgery may address a variety of injuries on the body, the hands or the legs, and restore their normal function.

Recovery Time

Any surgical procedure to restore patients appearance after an accident are performed in the hospital and, depending on the extend of the surgery, patients may spend some time in the hospital. Recovery varies depending on the methods used and the size of the area treated. Results become fully visible once the wounds have healed and are permanent. Procedures that take place in the doctor’s office, such as lasers to treat scars, do not have any downtime and results are immediately visible once all treatments are completed.