What’s a breast augmentation with implants?

A full and beautiful breast always boosts womens confidence. A breast augmenation is a surgery that aims to increase the size of the breast either because they are small or because they have lost volume after a pregnancy. A breast augmenation procedure may also be performed when patients have asymmetrical breasts and wants to make them look more symetrical.

Who’s a good candidate?

The ideal candidate for a breast augmentation surgery must have a fully developped breast. It concerns all women who want to increase the size of their breast as well as those whose breast lost its volume after a pregnancy, breast-feeding or weight loss. A breast augmentation is also the answer for women with asymmetrical breasts. This particular surgery may also offer a more balanced appearance to women with asymmetrical bodies, for example women with very small breasts and large hips. Thanks to the breast augmentation they can enlarge their breast and have a more balanced look.

Facts I need to know

The surgery is quite simple and safe and is performed in an organised clinic, usually under general anesthesia and does not require the patient to spend the night at the hospital. Implants are selected by the doctor depending always on the patient’s needs and wishes.


Implant Types
There are different silicone implants in different shapes and sizes, round or anatomical (in the shape of a drop), with smaller or bigger projection with different textures and silicone composition in order to satisfy every case. The type of implant is chosesn after the doctor consults with the patient and makes the necessary measurements. Here you can find more information on the different kinds of implants and their advantages.


Where are the incisions placed?
In order to place the implants the doctor makes only one incision either via the armpit either along the edge of the areola (periareolar incision) or below the breast. In any case the incision is as small as possible and 20 days after the surgery it can be smoothed with the help of a laser.


How deep below the muscle are implants placed?
There are two different ways for your surgeon to insert the implant: under your breast tissue and in front of your muscle or behind your breast muscle. A very popular technique is Dual Plane that combines the advantages of both the above methods (in front of the muscle and behind the muscle). The final choice depends on the patients wishes and their chest anatomy.


Implants and Breast Cancer
A woman who has had breast implants is more protected from breast cancer for the following reasons: on one hand she must have her breast checked regularly so diagnosis is always on time and at an early stage and, on the other, the mammary gland is reduced, because of the implants, and so is the chance of cellular alterations. All the above conclusions have been reached after scientific research of several years and are accepted by the scientific community since a long time.


Implants and breast-feeding
Implants do not obstruct breast-feeding and do not intervene with the milk’s quality since they are carefully placed in a protective membrane and they are not in direct contact with the aerola nor the mammary glands


Implants Lifetiem
The results of a breast augmentation last for many years – implants have a lifetime duration and do not need to be replaced- however patients must be aware that weight fluctuations as well as chronological ageing may affect breast’s appearance.

Recovery Time

After the surgery patients will experience soreness for the first 2 to 3 nights and notice mild bruising and swelling but the symptoms last only a few weeks and gradually subside. Patients are advised to wear a special compression bra or a bandage during recovery in order to limit the swelling and better support the breast. Physical exercising should be avoided during the first weeks following the operation. Going back to work depends on the type of work and how much pressure it puts on the breast. Scars do not completely disappear but they are always hidden in areas where they are not visible and do not disturb everyday routine. There is always the possibility to smooth scars with a special laser technique.

What to expect

A breast augmentation procedure increases the breast’s size and changes its shape, improving patients appearance and self esteem. Patients can repeat the surgery whenever it is necessary in order to have lasting results.

Doctor’s Remarks

Nowadays, a breast augmentation operation is very safe and offers patients great satisfaction. Post-operation pain is minimal and there is no need for draining tubes. The size and the shape of the implants depend on the anatomical and cosmetic wishes of each patient and are decided after consultation, detailed planing and measurements. I use Mentor, Allergan and Motiva implants that come with scientific studies and articles that guaranty their longtime safety. I have specialized in different techniques of breast operations during the course of my specialty as a plastic surgeon in oncology hospitals of Greece where I attended several recovery surgeries. I have also specialized in university hospitals like the Ospedale San Martino in Genova and the Sapienza in Roma. I try to always keep my techniques updated by participating in international scientific congresses and special courses, like the yearly course Botti’s Best Breast that takes place every year in Italy, in lake Garda. If you need more info concerning breast augmentation visit our blog.