What’s a breast lift surgery?

Chronological ageing, weight fluctuations and gravity are just some of the factors that cause breast to lose their shape and firmness. Other factors that also have a negative impact on the breast’s appearance is pregnancy, breastfeeding and genes. A breast lift surgery or mastopexy is a surgical procedure that firms and lifts the breasts and removes any skin laxity.

Who’s a good candidate?

Women of every age with a fully developped breast are the ideal candidates for a breast lift surgery. Patients should be healthy, non-smokers, with no serious preexisting medical conditions and, preferably, with a stable weight. A breast lift can be combined with a breast enlargement or breast reduction surgery procedure and patients should know that it does not affect breast feeding.

Facts I need to know

A breast lift surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. It does not take more than 3 hours and patients can return home on the same day. The doctor will study each case and, after discussing with the patient, will choose the right lifting technique that she will apply as well as if there will be a breast enlargement using implants for an optimal result. During the surgery the doctor lifts the breast tissue, repositions it and keeps it steady in the right position and, afterwards, removes any skin excess and repositions the neeple to the rigth place. Scars are initially very intense and red but they gradually fade although they never completely disappear. Moreover, an eventual weight loss or a future pregnancy can stretch your breast again and, in that case surgery should be repeated. If, however, the above situations to not occur and patients exercise regularly to strengthen the muscles that support the breast then results last forever.

Recovery Time

This particular surgery requires several weeks of recovery and causes mild pain, some bruising, swelling as well as temporary loss of the sense of touch in the areola area. Symptoms gradually subside and the new improved shape of the breasts becomes visible. Stitches are removed two weeks after the surgery and, by that time patients can return to their work.

Doctor’s Remarks

Sagging breasts after a pregnancy, a weight loss or simply because of natural ageing is a situation that affects many women’s mood, image and self confidence. It is an ageing sign on a woman’s body and she doesn’t have to live with it. The surgery is completely safe, there are no risks for the patient’s health especially thanks to the doctor’s expertise, the advanced techniques and the safe hospital environment. My team is ready to offer you safety, a beautiful lasting result and a post surgery care that will make you wonder why you didn’t decide earlier to go ahead with the surgery. We will decide which technique to use after considering the case and talking to the patient. We will also choose what kind of incisions to perform- around the areola, around the areola with a vertical incision or with an anchor like incision – in order to achieve maximum lifting and a lasting result. We can also combine some laser methods in order to smooth and, possibly completely remove incision scars. I have specialized in the breast lifting techniques in the General Hospital Aghioi Anargyroi, at the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery department, under the guidance of the department director dr Kouppa, in the University hospital of Rome, under the guidance of the director dr Skouteri, in the oncological hospital of Genova. Moreover I update my techniques at the yearly congress Botti’s Best Breat that takes place at lake Garda in Italy, under dr Botti and his team.