What’s a breast reduction surgery?

If your breast is too big it may cause several complications from back pain to migraines or even shortness of breath . Some women with large breasts tend to lean forward, pressing their thoracic outlet, a passageway full of nerves and blood vessels, causing constant pain on the area. A breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty is the surgery that removes excess breast tissue and fat reducing the breast’s size and, at the same time lifting it.

Who’s a good candidate?

A breast reduction surgery is ideal for women whose large breast becomes an obstacle in every day life as well as men with enlarged breasts. The ideal candidate shouldn’t have any preexisting serious medical conditions and should not smoke since smoking obstructs scars from healing properly. A breast reduction surgery doesn’t only improve the breasts proportions but also simplifies every day activities like exercising or putting on any kind of clothes, offering patients a firm, lifted breast.

Facts I need to know

A breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes 2 to 4 hours, depending on the case. The areas where incisions are made may vary, depending on the technique that the doctor chooses but they are usually made around the areola and along the crease beneath the breast. In some specific cases she may perform the Lejour technique which includes smaller scars that fade with time and are made in areas easily hidden inside the bra, although they never completely disappear.

Recovery Time

After the surgery there is soreness, pain and tenderness on the breast area as well as swelling but all symptoms gradually subside and are treated with medication. In order to avoid hematoma the doctor places small tubes to drain any excess blood or fluid that are removed when she thinks it is safe. In rare cases patients may suffer from inflammation which is treated with antibiotics. Patients can return to work and every day activities 1 to 2 weeks after the surgery but physical exercise that may put any strain on the breast should be avoided for a longer time period in order for the scars to properly heal.

Doctor’s Remarks

A breast reduction surgery is a life saving procedure for many people who suffer from chronic back pain caused by a large, heavy breast. It makes every day activities much easier changing patients life. Before the surgery there is always a breast ultrasound or a mammography, depending on the patient’s age. Then the breasts are measured and, following a thorough planning we choose the surgical option to follow, depending on the patient’s need.
I have been trainded to the breasts reducing techniques in the GOKH Agioi Anargyroi, Department of plastic and reconstructive surgery, under dr Kouppa, in the university Hospital of Rome, under the director dr Scouteri, in the oncology hospital of Genova. At the same time I keep updating my techniques at the yearly convention in Lake Garda in Italy, Botti’s Best Breast, under dr Botti and his team. My goal is to offer a beautiful, functional result with complete safety.