What is a Brow Lift?

Dropping eyebrows and forehead due to ageing, gravity or external factors such as UV radiation, make eyes look heavy and tired. Some patients may think that the answer to this problem is an eyelid lift but they are mistaken. Brow Lift is a surgery that raises dropping eyebrows, reduces deep lines on the forehead and smoothes deep furrows in order to rejuvenate the whole face.

Who is a good canditate?

Everyone who wants to rejuvenate the upper part of their face can have a brow lift, no matter their age. A sagging forehead and dropping eyebrows can cause us to look angry, worried and tired. Fixing this problem can refresh your face and have a vibrant, bright look that will also improve your confidence. A Brow Lift procedure can be combined with an eyelid lift surgery if the doctor sees it necessary.

Facts i need to know

There are different brow lift techniques. The surgeon may perform an incision at the top of the head, hidden in the hairline or he may use the less invasive endosopic method. During the endesoscopic method the doctor will make some very small incisions behind the hairline and will use a tiny camera and thin instruments in order to lift the brows in a natural-looking way. Incisions are closed with removable or absorable sutures, special clips and skin adhesives, depending on the case.

Recovery time

Patients return to work and resume everyday activity after 10-14 days and during that period incisions have time to heal. Full recovery takes a few months however. Bruising can be easily hidden with makeup. You may notice some swelling the first days following surgery but it goes away quickly. Results continue to improve for a few months and then the full effect of Brow Lift becomes visible.

Doctor’s remarks:

Every problem has its answer, therefore I strongly believe that it is important to choose the right technique according to the gravity of the problem. Many times patients try to treat a sagging forehead with injectables a choice that in some cases has the opposite effect. Choosing a surgical procedure to treat a sagging forehead has a more natural-looking result than other techniques. Moreover incisions are strategically hidden behind the hairline and the lifting effect lasts for many years. I have been trained to the brow lift method in Paris by a team of French plastic surgeons at Clinique de Champs Elysées where doctors emphasized in fast recovery and natural-looking results.