What is buccal fat removal?

It is a very modern cosmetic surgery that aims at sculpting the cheeks by removing the buccal fat pads making the face look thinner and highlighting the cheekbones. This method is very popular among celebrities and international top models and it grows more popupar every day among women who have a round and chubby face and they want to give it a symmetrical and contoured shape.

Who’s a good candidate?

It goes without saying that Buccal Fat Removal surgery is not performed on people with thin, narrow faces. Buccal Fat Removal concerns patients that are bothered by their round face and their chubby cheeks. The ideal candidate must be healthy and in good physical condition, maintain a stable weight and have realistic expectations.

Facts I need to know

The Buccal Fat Removal procedure is safe and short as it doesn’t normally take more than 1 hour. It is performed under local anesthesia and incisions as well as sutures are all placed on the inside of the mouth, on the inner area of your cheeks. The fat pads are removed easily and safely and, most of the times, one suture on every side is sufficient. There are no visible marks or signs and results are permanent.

Recovery Time

After the surgery there may be some swelling and mild bruising but they gradually fade and can be treated with medication and ice packs. Since the incisions are inside the mouth the doctor may instruct you to follow a liquid diet for some hours following surgery. Sutures get absorbed after 10 days and you can return to your normal activity a week following surgery. The change in your cheekbones is immediately visible after the procedure but as time goes by your appearance continues to improve and your face looks thinner and more sculpted.

Doctor’s Remarks

Buccal Fat Removal is a procedure that naturally contours the face, of both men and women, and makes it look more sculpted. It is quiet painless (performed under local anesthesia) does not take much time and has a permanent effect. The right choice of candidates and techniques is once more the key to optimal results. In our office we also have the Face Tite technique by Inmode that helps us contour the face, with or without a Buccal Fat Removal.