What’s a surgical procedure that treats burn scars?

A serious burn can leave scars, on the face or the body, and these scars may cause cosmetic as well as functional problems and complicate patients every day life. Plastic surgery can currently treat to a great degree burn scars and marks combining advanced techniques. After a burn patients should wait to completely recover and for their injuries to properly heal before considering to undergo a surgical treatment. They should also consider all possible options and methods and discuss them over with their doctor in order to achieve best results.

Who’s a good candidate?

Surgical treatment for burns concerns all patients who have a burn mark or scar and wish to improve their appearance as well as their every day life. The ideal candidate must have completely recovered from his burn, his wounds must have healed and he should not suffer from serious medical conditions. This particular surgery can be performed months or even years after the burn injury. Moreover, patients should have realistic expectations because surgery can significantly improve their appearance and any functional problems caused by the burn scars buth it will not make scars completely disappear.

Facts I need to know

A surgery treatment for burn scars is a totally personalised procedure to fit patients different needs. There are different techniques the doctor may select and combine in order to achieve the best possible result. The surgery takes place in an organised clinic and its duration depends on the techniques used and the extend of the area treated. Lasers and different kind of peelings can be combined in order to treat a skin burn scar but when we deal with deeper and more severe scarring then laser is not an option and the solution is a surgical procedure called Z plasty that targets contractures in order to facilitate movement where needed. We can also use skin grafts taken from an unaffected part of the body in order to replace scarred skin.

Recovery Time

After a burn scar treatment recovery time depends on the extend of the problem. After returning home patients may be instructed to take medication and they should be regularly consulting with the doctor. Different instructions will be given, depending on the area and the gravity of the burn scar. Patients usually return to their every day activities 2 to 3 weeks following surgery. Burn scars and marks are unlikely to completely disappear but their appearance will significantly improve after a pastic surgery.

Doctor’s Remarks

It is very important for patients who have burn scars to know that there are different solutions and techniques which can be combined in order to significantly improve their skin appearance. On superficial burns that have caused serious skin alterations Fractional Laser CO2 or Erbium can achieve impressive results that will make us forget that a scar ever existed on the area. For more severe burn scars that lead to disfigurement and have deeply damaged the skin I consult with the patient and give him a detailed description of the surgical solution in order to draw a full treatment plan that will satisfy him.