What’s a treatment for cellulite?

Cellulite appears to result from several different factors and concerns mainly women. It may be due to unhealthy diet and sedentary life or to heredity and hormonal factors and creates an unalluring appearance on differtent parts of the body harming women’s self confidence. Nowadays there are advanced and non surgical methods to treat cellulite like
1. Mesotherapy
2. Fractional radiofrequencies treatment that significantly improves the body’s appearance and is performed on the areas of the buttocks, the thighs, the knees, the abdomen and the arms.
3. Moreover, there are treatments with permanent results like Cellulerase, a technique that achieves results that last for many years in just one session.

Recovery Time

After each mesotherapy, radiofrequencies or Cellulerase treatment for cellulite patients return immediately to their work and everyday routine. They initially notice mild swelling and bruising on the areas treated but symptoms subside immediately with the help of ice packs. Results are fully visible after the required treatments are completed and they last up to 12 months in the case of mesotherapy, two years with the Morpheus method and from 1 to 5 years with Cellulerase, depending on the case. In order to make results last longer patients should follow a healthy diet and drink a lot of fluids and they can of course repeat treatments.

Doctor’s Remarks

Deep knowledge of the different types of cellulite and its differentiation from laxity are of great importance in order to start a treatment. Treatment plans are personalised and results depend also on the patients effort to follow simple dietary rules. Being a specialized plastic surgeon allows me to deeply know and understand the mechanisms of inflammation and fibrosis as well as the way different therapies work in order ro decide, after consulting with my patients, what is the appropriate solution and follow a path to a healthier, more beautiful body.