What’s face skin laxity?

Skin laxity is usually a result of natural chronological ageing. However, besides this normal cause of laxity, skin often loses its youthful, firm look as a result of other reasons, like a significant weight loss. Sagging skin that often appears in the areas around the eyes, on the cheeckbones, the neck and the face’s contour, is an cosmetic problem for a lot of people, both men and women. A tired and prematurely aged face significantlly affects our self confidence and our mood. Nowadays, modern medicine disoses of non invasive, pain free methods, like radiofrequencies treatments, that make skin look firm and tight. In our office we have Morpheus by Inmode, a unique machine in its sector, that offers results after just one to three treatments. This machine is approved for use by plastic surgeons and is known worldwide for the edge technology that it uses to achieve amazing results with safety. In cases of extended skin laxity we also have Face Tite/Body Tite by Inmode, a method that uses radiofrequencies energy to offer results comparable to those of a face lift without the incisions of a surgery.

Who’s a good candidate?

Radiofrequencies therapy concerns patients with mild skin laxity on the face that do not wish to be subjected to a surgical face lift. Therapy is performed on the whole face as well as the neck and offers long-lasting, but not permanent, results.

Facts I need to know

A radio frequency therapy is safe and is performed at the office with local anesthetic cream or under local anesthesia. It is a modern method that targets skin tissues with thermal energy offering immediate results of lifting and firming. Radiofrequency energy also stimulates collagen production in the skin granting face more elasticity and glow. The doctor will decide the number of therapies needed for the face and neck area, depending on the size of the area treated. Currently we have at our disposal machines that offer visible results after one to three treatments.

Recovery Time

A radiofrequency treatment is completely safe and painless. Patients return immediately to their work and everyday activities and may notice mild redness and swelling that subside during the first hours following the treatment. Sun protection is absolutely necessary for the face because skin is sensibilised. Results are fully visible once treatments are completed.

Doctor’s Remarks

In our office we have at our disposal edge technology and we can achieve results that up until recently seemed impossible. After just one treatmet with Face Tite and Body Tite or after three treatments with Morhpeus8 face skin is once again firm and contoured. Treatments are safe and recovery is fast and does not include incisions or spending time in the hospital.