What is face tite?

Face Tite is an innovative non-invasive face lift procedure that does not require general anesthesia, leaves no scars and promises immediate recovery. It uses the RFAL technology that works by applying radiofrequency energy on tissues under the skin with microspocic cannulas. It can be applied on the whole face or on specific areas.

Who’s a good candidate?

Ageing and exposure to external aggressors such as UV radiation and pollution have a negative effect on our skin, even at a relatively young age. Face Tite is the perfect option for those who want to treat skin laxity and recontour their face without undergoing a surgical procedure.
When skin laxity on the face and the neck is extended then surgical face lift is the only answer. However Face Tite procedure gives us a quiet satisfactory result without the risks of a surgery. Face Tite can also reduce some unwanted fat on areas like the chin or the jowls, when combined with liposuction.
On the contrary, this procedure cannot be performed on patients that have recently lost weight – more than 10kg- because the quality of the remaining fat is not for the treatment

Facts I need to know

Face Tite is performed under local anesthesia in order for patients not to experience any pain. Incisions are minimal and the whole procedure doesn’t take more than 40′. Face Tite uses radio frequency technology which is already tested and completely safe. Radio frequency energy is directed to the targeted tissues through a thin metal tube. It effectively treats jowls, chin, neck, the under eye area, cheeks and forehead, brows and eyes. The effect is immediate, most patienst notice an important imrovement of their skin’s firmness and results become more visible several weeks following the treatment and they continue to improve for up to a year after the procedure. This way the face is enhanced gradually and naturally.

Recovery Time

Since the method is non invasive and uses a tiny tybe to apply radio frequency energy there are no incisions nor sutures and downtime is minimal. Patients may experience mild pain and some swelling on the areas treated. Symptoms last 5 to 7 days and patients can resume their normal routine right after the procedure.

Doctor’s Remarks

RFAL is greatly used in the USA and the rest of the world and has been very popular mainly thanks to its impressive results and minimal risks. It concerns men and women, even young ones, that want a contoured profile as well as treatment of skin laxity around the eyes, at the cheekbones, the cheeks, the face;s oval and the neck. It can be perforemed at the office, under local anesthesia and patients testimonies prove that it is a completely painless and comfortable method during which they relax and, many times, fall asleep. In my opinion there has never been a method that promised such amazing results with such a pleasant procedure and with no downtime.