What is fractional laser and how does it treat acne scars?

People who have had acne, during puberty or during their adult life, are likely to have scars or small signs left. Fractional laser i pixel is an advanced laser technology that naturally rejuvenates and reconstructs skin in order to remove scars and imperfections and ensure a healthy, smooth and youthful looking skin. The treatment can be applied on the face and the neck as well as other areas where acne is noticed, like the back, the upper part of the arms and the chest.

Who’s a good candidate?

Laser treatment is safe for every patient, man or woman, that has acne scars and wishes to get rid of them. A good candidate for laser treatment must be certain that acne has completely disappeared and that inflammation hase been treated. Moreover, there are some factors, like the use of certain drugs and the color of the skin, that may prevent a patient from having a laser treatment. The doctor takes into consideration all factors and suggests the right treatment for every patient. She also decides the number of laser sessions necessary in order to achieve the best possible result. The ideal candidate should have realistic expectations and he must know that acne scars do not completely disappear but they can be significatly reduced to the point where they no longer are an aesthetic problem.

Facts I need to know

Fractional laser uses thermal energy to stimulate the skin’s natural healing mechanism. It radiates small fractions of light in the deeper layers of the skin creating small injuries that trigger the body’s natural healing process and, as a result, starts producing collagen and elastin creating new, healthy cells that replace the old ones. Laser targets only small parts of the skin leaving the surrounding area untouched. Modern i pixel technology stimulates the skin’s natural regeneration process and promises faster healing. Laser treatment is performed at the doctor’s office with a local anesthetic cream, it takes about 30′, it is safe and painless. Fractional laser i pixel is also used to resurface skin, make it smoother, firmer and healthier. It usually takes 1 to 3 treatments to have the optimal result.

Recovery Time

After a laser treatment patients may notice mild swelling and redness at the areas treated, as well as some pain. All symptoms fade in a few hours but redness can last 4 to 6 days. During the first days patients should avoid intense exercise as well as sun exposure. Results are visible when the redness goes away and they continue to improve for the next six months.

Doctor’s Remarks

In our office we have the cold Fractional i Pixel that helps us achieve a resurfacing effect without injuring the tissues. This revolutionary technology allows all kind of scars, including acne scars to heal without making skin thinner of creating an intense inflammation. It is a fast procedure (the treatment lasts from 15 to 20 minutes), painless and with immediate recovery (4 days average). 3 to 5 treatments are usually suggested for optimal result. I combine different techniques for acne scars in particular. If scars are very deep I combine laser with infusion of collagen boosters as well as a technique that targets fibrosis in the deeper tissue of the scars. The effect deeply satisfies my patients and improves their skin’s health by 90%. Fractional laser is very safe and precise, compared to older technologies and can be used to treat various problems, besides scars, such as
Ageing signs and skin laxity on the face and neck with impressive results after only one treatment (especially on thin skin with photo damage, thin lines and wrinkles)
Dull skin that bothers even younger women.
Surgery and injury scars.
Skin with multiple superficial hyperkeratosis.