What is a frech vertical face lift?

During a traditional face lift fat is removed from the face and excess skin is pulled sideways, behind the ears, creating an unnatural result. French Vertical Face Lift is a more recent method that consists of the face being lifted vertically, upwards, while the deeper tissues of the skin are also being lifted in orfer to achieve a total face rejuvenation that lasts at least 10 years. Results of the French Vertical Face Lift are more harmonious and natural than those of a classic fac lift and the method even reduces skin laxity all over the face, even on its contour.

Who is a good candidate?

The ideal candidate for a Vertical Face Lift is anyone bothered by ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles, especially in the lower part of the face, intense nasolabial folds, sagging oval and skin laxity all over the face. These signs can concern people in their 40s and, in other cases, in their 80s, depending on the patients individual needs and desires.

Facts I need to know

The method’s advantages


1. Vertical Lift
During this procedure the skin and deeper tissues are lifted and repositioned vertically and upwards, against gravity that pulls them downwards. The vertical lift is proven to give a more natural and lasting effect.


2. Natural Result
A traditional face lift often causes an unnatural appearance with a face pulled towards the ears or an extremely wide mouth while a vertical face lift has a more natural result.


3. Lifting the whole face, not only the face’s contour
This method lifts the lower and middle part of the face, including the contour as well as the jawline and the cheekbones.


4. Lasts Longer
This modern technique allows us to lift the deeper tissues not only the skin (SMAS Lift) and guarantees us a longer lasting result.


5. Allows techniques combination
It can be combined with different fat removing techniques (applied on areas such as the chin, the jowls, the nasolabial folds) or fat transferring techniques where it is necessary (under the eyes, on the temples or the cheeks). It is ideally combined with an eyelid surgery in order to restore skin’s firmness and remove fine lines.


6. Restores skin for a youthful face
It can be very well combined with a NanoFat transfer, a fat mesotherapoy that is perfect for those who want to treat skin laxity and fine lines.


7. Short Recovery
Thanks to the french vertical face lift method tissues are pulled in such a way that recovery is very short, to the point where patients can go out the following day, return to their work after one to two weeks and participate in social events.

Recovery Time

The day following surgery bandages are removed and a special elastic bandage is placed on the face and neck for the next 4 to 7 days. Two weeks later sutures (that are hidden behind the hairline) are removed. The patient can return to his normal routine after one to two weeks. Thanks to the special sophisticated technique bruising and swelling are minimal.

What to expect

Vertical Face Lift’s results are immediately visible and improve with time, depending on the different techniques used. The most important advantage of this particular cosmetic surgery is that results are long lasting and can reach, depending on the case, 10 years, sometimes more.

Doctor’s Remarks

Our face reflects our lifestyle and our feelings. It is the first thing others notice on us and the first thing we see every morning. Nowadays patients seek long lasting solutions, with short downtime and natural effect and French Vertical Face Lift matches all the requirements. Our face is precious that is why every patient, according to his needs and goals, gets his own personal diagnosis and a detailed personalised plan.
I have been a certified doctor of this particular technique by the Clinique de Champs Elysées in Paris.