What is universkin?

At our office you can discover the french line Universkin, perfect for every day skincare. Universkin products have a different, innovative approach to skincare and are used by patients always after the doctor’s diagnosis and consultation. This way you have at your disposal a completely customised, personal skincare line that enhances the results of any antiageing therapy performed at the office

Universkin Innovation

Universkin provides, men and women, with personalised formulas and therapies tailored to their skin needs. This revolutionary approach allows the doctor to create the appropriate cosmetics treatment after a clinical assessment of each patient. The doctor has at her disposal a large variety of active ingredients as well as a deep knowledge of the skin and its different conditions and, as a result, can create a customised cosmetics treatment that offers multiple solutions.

Doctor’s Remarks

Universkin cannot be found in pharmacies, e-shops or beauty shops. Products are absolutely personalised and require a doctor’s assessment, diagnosis and planning. This way patients have their own, unique and completely customised to their skin needs cosmetics line. The doctor’s aim is to ensure that patients have a healthy, even and glowing skin and Universkin is the tool to achieve her goal.