What is laser-lipo;

The minimally invasive and painless method of Laser Lipo is perfect for someone who wants to have a slim and contoured silhouette. It is a laser lipolysis technique that removes local fat from areas such as the stomach or the buttocks without causing any trauma, bruising nor swelling. In addition Laser Lipo can prevent skin laxity. Combined with mild but regular exercise and a balanced diet it can ensure a perfect silhouette for many years to come.

Who’s a good candidate?

Laser Lipo is perfect for those who want to remove local fat with a minimally invasive method and, at the same time, have a firmer skin. Contrary to a traditional liposuction that can remove large quantities of fat but it involves a considerable trauma to the deeper tissues and does not offer any skin firmness, laser lipo removes large quantities of fat without any trauma, achieves significant skin firmness and also has the extra advantage of improving cellulite.

Facts I need to know

Laser uses energy of different wave lengths in order to shrink and dissolve fat cells without damaging neighbouring cells or skin tissue. At the same time this method stimulates the natural production of collagen and, consequently, improves skin firmness. It is a safe and easy method, performed under local anesthesia and, depending on the quantity of fat removed, it may require a night’s stay at the clinic.

Recovery Time

Laser lipo is a minimally invasive procedure with practically no downtime since patients return immediately to their routine and their work. They may feel slight soreness and notice some swelling on the parts treated but symptoms are minor and go away very soon. Three months after the number of treatments suggested by the doctor are completed results are fully visible. The results of laser lipo can last for many years as long as the patient maintains a healthy diet, exercises regularly and doesn’t gain a lot of weight.

Doctor’s Remarks

The technique may performed at the office or in a clinic, depending on the amount of fat that must be removed. It is the ideal option to treat local fat since it involves minimal risks – mild swelling and bruising – and it allows fast return to normal routine, even on the next day following the procedure. I may use the technique on its own or in combination with other methods in order to offer, each time, a completely personalised treatment.