What is liposuction?

Very often both men and women can’t seem to get rid of local fat despite exercising regularly and following a healthy diet. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes unwanted fat from different parts of the body and the face. It is mainly performed on the buttocks, the thighs (inner and outer part), the abdomen, the arms and the waist as well as on some parts of the face, like the area below the chin where there is often accumulated fat. By removing fat excess liposuction significantly improves the patients appearance and boosts their confidence. This particular surgery is also performed to treat medical conditions like enlarged breasts in men or lipomas that cause cosmetic and functional issues.

Who’s a good candidate?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery concerning healthy adults, men and women, that want to get rid of local fat. The ideal candidate should be within 30% of his ideal weight and have elastic skin since liposuction doesn’t treat laxity or cellulite. Patients must know that liposuction enhances the body’s total appearance but the procedure is used to remove small quantities of fat from specific body parts and is not a method of weight loss.

Facts I need to know

Liposuction is a quiet safe procedure, performed in an organised clinic, usually under general anesthesia or sedation. In most cases it does not require for patients to spend the night in the clinic and the whole procedure takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on the extent of the area treated and on the quantity of the fat removed. The surgery is performed with the use of thin tubes called cannulas that are connected to a vacuum pump. The doctor makes very small incisions on carefully chosen parts of the skin in order to insert the cannulas into the fat and remove it with the help of the vacuum machine. The incisions are so small that do not need stiching and leave no marks or scars. A liposuction can be combined, if necessary, with other surgeries such as a tummy tuck or an inner thigh lift.

Recovery Time

After a liposuction patients return home on the same day of the surgery and their return to work depends on the extent of the areas treated. The doctor may instruct patients to wear a compression garment for the first month and to avoid strenuous exercise during that time. Swelling and bruising is noticed on the areas treated as well as mild soreness that is limited with medication. Even though liposuction doesn’t affect patients weight it immediately sculpts the body and impoves its appearance as a whole. Results are immediately visible and continue to improve for the next 6 months. In order to make them last patients should follow a healthy diet and regularly exercise.

Doctor’s Remarks

Liposuction can improve our body’s silhouette and offer us self confidence. It is one of the most popular surgeries in Greece and thanks to the use of advanced and modern technology it gives as the possibility to firm the tissues that undergo liposuction and therefore treat skin laxity that used to be one fo the procedure’s disadvantage. When it concerns small areas it is performed under sedation. Using radiofrequencies before or during liposuction as well as special lasers we can melt fat that is then easily vacuumed through smalller cannulas with almost no complications: swelling and bruising is limited to minimum and recovery is much shorter compared to older, traditional methods.
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