What is a mid face lift;

It is surgical procedure that has as a goal to lift and rejuvenate the middle part of the face starting under the eyes area down to the mouth. It is the perfect method to remove excess skin and fat from the cheeks, to correct undereye bags and other ageing signs at areas like the cheekbones, around the nose, the mouth and the eyes.

Who’s a good candidate?

Mid Face Lift concerns all people of every age who are worried by skin laxity at the cheeks area as well as excess skin and fine lines under the eyes. It does not concern those who have skin laxity at the neck area or intense ageing signs all over the face. These patients would be ideal candidates for a full face lift like the French Vertical Face Lift.

Facts I need to know

The mid face lift surgery is quiet simple and doesn’t take more than 90′. Incisions are performed into the hairline, in order to be hidden, and the whole procedure can be performed with the help of endoscopic cameras that facilitate the doctor’s moves. The doctor lifts and repositions the muscles that she sees necessary in order to visibly improve and enhance the face’s appearance. This particular method can be combined with other techniques, like eyelid surgery or liposculpture to achieve a total image improvement.

Recovery Time

Mild swelling and slight bruising is expected after the surgery but they gradually disappear over the next few weeks. Patients can return to work and everyday routine two weeks after the procedure but sports activity should be avoided for 3 to 4 weeks as it may aggravate the swelling and the bruising. External stitches are removed a week follownig the surgery and any scars are hidden into the hairline and are not noticeable. Results are immediately visible and last for several years.

Doctor’s Remarks

Ageing signs make an early appearance on the cheeks area. Mid Face Lift is a surgical solution with permanent and natural results. By combining modern techniques with fat transfer and carefully selected surgical threads we can achieve a completely personalised effect that is adapted to our face’s needs and requires minimal downtime.