What is a mini neck lift?

It is a very modern cosmetic surgery that aims at sculpting the cheeks by removing the buccal fat pads making the face look thinner and highlighting the cheekbones. This method is very popular among celebrities and international top models and it grows more popupar every day among women who have a round and chubby face and they want to give it a symmetrical and contoured shape.

Who’s a good candidate?

A Mini Neck Lift is an ideal option for those noticing age-related signs on the neck, mostly skin sagging and vertical folds, that make them look much older than they actually are. Candidates are usually between the ages of 40 to 60 or older with a mild skin laxity and they desire a mildly invasive procedure with fast recovery.

Facts I need to know

A mini neck lift procedure lasts from 1h to 1,5 h is usually performed under local anesthetic and involves small incisions. Its goal is to tighten and lift loose skin muscles and remove excess fat. Scars are smaller and fewer than those of a traditional neck lift and are hidden in strategical chosen areas. Results last for around 3 years and depend on the patient’s skin quality and on his lifestyle.

Recovery Time

Patients have a fast recovery after a mini neck lift surgery. Patients notice some bruising and swelling and their skin needs about a week to fully recover however they can immediately return to work since scars are not noticeable. Resting and following a healthy diet contribute to a faster recovery while intense physical activity should be avoided during the first days following surgery.

Doctor’s Remarks

This surgery is the perfect answer to neck sagging that appears to young patients who are not eligible for a full face and neck lift. Using permanent surgical threads I make the result more lasting and durable and I use one of the best fractional lasers (i pixel Harmony) combined with nanofat and microfat transfer in order to reconstruct the skin and offer patients the best that modern plastic surgery has at its disposal.