What is nanofat grafting?

Time leaves its signs on our face: skin becomes thinner, thin lines, wrinkles and laxity begin to appear. Nanofat grafting, also known as micro-fat transfer, is an advanced technique during which a small amount of fat is removed from certain areas of the body -usually the abdomen-and transferred to areas of the face that seem to lack volume or have deep wrinkles, in order to enhance our appearance. The word nano or micro is refered to the very small, emulsified particles of fat used in this particular technique.

Who’s a good candidate?

Nanofat transfer is ideal for people who notice visible ageing signs like wrinkles, thin lines, dark circles and tear troughs under the eyes. It is a very practical method to correct multiple ageing signs with just one technique and not by combining several injectable methods.

Facts I need to know

The fat used in this treatment is produced by the patients body so there are no complications. Liposuction is performed under local anesthesia, usually on the abdomen where the fat is rich in stem cells and its quality is adequate for the face. Moreover the fat removed is enriched with plasma or stem cells for best and longer lasting results. The procedure is short, doesn’t take more than 1 hour, easily performed with thin needles and cannulas, that require no incisions nor stitches and results last for a long time.

Recovery Time

Nanofat grafting is a non invasive procedure and therefore patients return to their every day activities immediately. Since there are no incisions or sutures the method is relatively painless. Patients may notice some tenderness on the area from which the fat was removed for a few days while they may also notice, on the areas treated, some light bruising that depends on the skin type. Bruising is easily covered by make up and gradually disappears in the following week. Results become visible 2 to 3 weeks after the treatment. The skin is bright and rejuvenated, the face regains its firmness and lost volume, dark circles fade and wrinkles are significantly reduced.

Doctor’s Remarks

Nanofat grafting is one of the most advanced techniques in the non invasive injectable mesotherapies sector. It is a completely natural method with permanent results and short recovery, similar to the recovery from a traditional mesotherapy. The area treated with nanofat grafting is visibly rejuvenated from the first day already and the technique gives us the possibility to completely restore the skin on multiple levels: quality, firmness, elasticity, evenness and hydration.