What is a nose reconstructive surgery after an accident?

Unfortunately accidents happen every day. Sometimes they are more serious sometimes less but when they concern the face they often involve the nose one of the most exposed areas. Nose fractures are very common and they are usually reconstructed by a specialized ENT doctor. However an accident can cause serious cosmetic as well as functional problems and lead to difficulty in breathing. The plastic surgery that reconstructs the appearance and improves the function of the nose is the most common choice since science has greatly evolved and doctors can use advanced techniques to offer patients optimal results that give them a better life quality.

Who’s a good candidate?

A nose reconstructive surgery following an accident can be perforemed on patients that have had a recent or an older accident. The candidate must wait until any swelling or bruising caused by he accident subsides in order for the doctor to make a proper evaluation of the situation. Moreover the ideal candidate should not hurry to have the reconstructive surgery but should follow the doctor’s suggestion on the right timing of the nose reconstruction depending on the injuries caused. With the help of rhinoplasty an experienced plastic surgeon can correct cosmetic problems that preexisted the accident. The surgery concerns healthy patients with realistic expectations that know that the nose’s appearance and function will considerably improve but will never go back to their prior situation.

Facts I need to know

The doctor will choose and, if necessary, combine different techniques, depending on each patient’s different needs, in order to achieve the best results possible. With this in mind it is understandable that a nose reconstructive surgery might involve the use of skin flaps or implants that will replace the damaged tissue and cartilage as well as a rhinoplasty procedure that will transform the nose and correct the function of the nasal septum. The surgery is quite complicated and, in order to be succesfull, demands an expert and capable surgeon. It is performed in an organised clinic under general anesthesia and, depending on its extent, the patient might have to spend a night in hospital.

Recovery Time

After the surgery patients return home and usually notice swelling and bruising that subside gradually in the following weeks. They should be careful and avoid intense exercising for a period of time. They are able to return to work 7 to 10 days after the surgery.

Doctor’s Remarks

A nose reconstructive surgery after an accident normally takes more time than a simple rhinoplasty since it involves different techniques, cartilage transplant from other parts of the body and transformation of the nose’s structure. In thesse cases we may use cartilage from the patient’s rib or ear in order to reconstruct the nose. Results are beautiful and highly satisfying. In the last few years we are able to temporarily but succesfully achieve great results by using hyaluronic acid injections in parts where the nose looks deformed.