What is an open rhinoplasty?

An open rhinoplasty is a very popular and common surgery that significantly corrects the functional properties and the aesthetic appearance of the nose giving the whole face a more balanced and well-proportioned look. The doctor chooses an open rhinoplasty method when she wishes to correct the middle part and the tip of the nose. This technique includes an incision on the columella -the tissue between the nostrils – on the outer part of the nose and gives the doctor a better view of the anatomy of the nose. There is also the closed rhinoplasty technique that involves inscisions in the inner part of the nose. The doctor chooses the best technique depending on the case and the particular needs of each patient.

Who’s a good candidate?

Open rhinoplasty is best used when patients wish to radically correct the look of their nose, that is change its shape as well as its size. The method is performed to alter the middle part and the tip of the nose. A good candidate should be healthy, have realistic expectations and understand that rhinoplasty will not change his whole appearance but will improve his nose’s profile making his face look more harmonious and, by extension boost his self confidence.

Facts I need to know

During an open rhinoplasty surgery the doctor will make an incision between the nostrils, in an area that will not be visible and will give direct and free access to the inner part of the nose in order to make the necessarey changes to the nose’s size and structure with absolute precision. The benefit of the open rhinoplasty is that it gives the doctor a clear view of the nose’s anatomy and allows her to perform osteotomies, add or remove cartilage and tissue in order to achieve an optimal result. The surgery is performed in an organised clinic under general anesthesia and lasts from 2 to 4 hours. After it is completed a nasal splint or cast is placed in the outer part of the nose to support the bones and cartilage at their new place.

Recovery Time

Recovery time depends on each case and the extent of the surgery.The cast is usually removed 5 to 7 days following the surgery. Patients will notice bruising around the eyes but it will subside quickly and it can be covered with make up. They may return to their work a week after the surgery and the swelling, which is quite significant at the beginning, greatly subsides during the first 3 to 4 weeks following the rhinoplasty. Full recovery takes up to 18 months and by that time results are completely visible.

Doctor’s Remarks

Open rhinoplasty is the best solution to specific problems and pursuits. After a concultation with the patient and a review of his medical history we are able to choose the best method to deal with challenging cases of cosmetic and functional deficits. An open rhinoplasty is often the only option when it comes to reconstructive rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty after an accident. Using the right techniques we can have a permanent and detailed result of high precision. I have specialiced to the modern rhinoplasty techniques in Amsterdam, in the International Course in Modern Rhinoplasty-Department ORL University of Amsterdam.