What is an otoplasty?

The neck and the chin/jowls are areas with significant skin laxity or fat accumulation or both of the above situations at the same time. This results to a tired looking, prematurely aged face with no contour. Laser lipolysis is a minimally invasive method that improves the neck’s appearance. Modern laser techniques combine lipolysis and skin tightening for even more impressive results.

Who’s a good candidate?

Protruding or asymmetrical ears concern boys and girls, at any age. Girls cover this particular problem easily but boys, that usually have short hair, are more bothered by it and choose to have a surgery at a younger age. In any case ear correction surgery is a simple and safe procedure and should be performed, if the problem is serious, at a young age in order for children to have self confidence and avoid any discomfort or bullying because of their appearance.

Facts I need to know

The surgery is performed at any age, under local or general anesthsia, depending on the case. Otoplasty corrects problems of one or both ears and the surgery takes about an hour. The doctor chooses the appropriate technique depending on the case and the size of the problem to achieve the best cosmetic result. She makes an incision on the back surface of the ears in order to reshape the ear cartilage. Through the same incision she pulls and repositions the ears and removes skin excess.

Recovery Time

Patients return home on the same day after the surgery. Initially incisions are covered by bandages but after the first day they are replasced by a simple ribbon that patients are instructed to wear all day for a week and then, for the next two weeks, only at night. Stitches are removed the first week and patients can move freely already from the second day after the surgery. They can return to their work and simple everyday activities after three days but when work requires mild physical activity they need to wait one more week while strenuous physical exercise should be avoided for at least one month. Swelling and bruising might occur but they subside two weeks after the surgery and by that time results become more visible and they continue to improve for the next 12 weeks when they are fully developed. Lastly, incisions are made at the back part of the ears, are very well hidden and do not cause a cosmetic problem.

Doctor’s Remarks

In order to have a beautiful result we must find the right surgical technique for each patient. Otoplasty is an easy solution to a problem that causes psychological and aesthtic issues to several children and adults.