What is a PIEZO rhinoplasty?

Contemporary medicine has at its disposal a minimally invasive technique that corrects all cosmetic and functional problems at the nose area. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a bloodless technique that requires minimal recovery time and can be adjust to all patients and all requirements, even at the most complex cases.

Who’s a good candidate?

PIEZO rhinoplasty is a very tempting option since it is not a traditional surgery with hammer and chisel, that scares many people. It is a method that satisfies even the most demanding patients on cosmetic and functional issues since it offers great precison when shaping the nasal structrure, bone and cartilage. Another important fact is that ultrasonic rhinoplasty does not affect the soft parts of the nose – vessels, mucuous membranes, skin and nerves- therefore trauma is reduced and patients return to every day activity faster.

Facts I need to know

The PIEZO rhinoplasty technique is very safe, performed under sedation or local anesthetic and takes 1 to 3 hours, depending on the size of the surgery. Ultrasonic tools allow doctors to reshape even the smallest deformities with total precision and detail. At the same time, they can reduce the size of the lower nasal cavities as well as the nasal septum deviation significantly improving patients breathing ability.

Recovery Time

The PIEZO rhinoplasty causes no bleeding so it has a short recovery. A splint is placed on the nose that doesn’t cause significant post operative swelling and is removed six days later. Patients return to work after a few days following the surgery and they can travel by plane once the splint is removed. Results are permanent and completely visible after the swelling subsides. Patients should be examined by the doctor one month following the surgery and then again one year later.

Doctor’s Remarks

The Piezoelectric Rhinoplasty is the most advanced rhinoplasty method and has significant advantages compared to a traditional rhinoplasty. The surgeon can control with precision every move since Piezo Rhinoplasty is performed as an open procedure and gives clear vision of the full extent of the nasal pyramid, something that is not possible during a closed rhinoplasty. Moreover, osteotomies, are performed, when necessary with greater control and precision, not with the use of a hammer, and therefore unwanted fractures, which are quite common during traditional rhinoplasties, are avoided. Bones are sculpted and reshaped according to our wishes while in many cases we don’t even have to break them. This method offers a safe and precise result and is suitable for patients with sensitive bones, after an injury, bones of elderly patients or patients that have already undergone a rhinoplasty. In addition, it can be performed to perfectly correct asymmetrical nasal bones a result that traditional rhinoplasty cannot achieve. Lastly, recovery is very easy, painless, without many bruising or swelling especially compared to a traditional rhinoplasty.