What’s a rhinoplasty without a scalpel?

Rhinoplasty without a scalpel is a minimally invasive method that uses injectable ingredients – mostly hyaruonic acid- to change the nose’s and nostrils size and correct the nose’s bump (hump). This method can achieve, without the use of a scalpel, many of the benefits of a tradtional rhinoplasty but results are not permanent and it cannot be performed in order to improve the nose’s septum.

Who’s a good candidate?

A non surgical rhinoplasty is a good option for healthy patients with realistic expectations that want to correct the shape of the nose and the nostrils or wish to reduce the appearance of the bump on their nose. This technique cannot change the nose’s size. Injectable ingredients can add volume and fill any hollow areas and are therefore suitable to make the nose look straight or change its tip but they cannot make it look thinner or modify its bone or cartilage structure. The method of rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid can also correct the nose of a patient who has undergone a traditional rhinoplasty and is not satisfied with the result but doen’t wish to proceed with a new surgery and therefore chooses to have a non surgical rhinoplasty.

Facts I need to know

The most common injectable ingredient used during a nonsugical rhinoplasty is hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that is naturally produced by our body and absorbed by it and very safe. It is a painelss method performed with local anesthetic cream in order for patients not to experience the slightest discomfort. It is performed at the doctor’s office and takes 15 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the problem. The doctor uses hyaluronic acid to correct any imperfections on the bridge of the nose and the nostrils. The ingredient is very flexible and easy to manage and be placed with precision exactly where it should be in order to achieve the best result. However if patients are not satisfied with the result the doctor can dissolve the hyaluronic acid and restore the nose’s prior appearance with the use of a special injection.

Recovery Time

After the procedure is completed patients may notice a mild swelling and bruising or redness but all symptoms subside in the first 1-2 hours and by then results begin to show. This method doesn’t require any recovery and patients return to work and every day activities as soon as they leave the doctor’s office. Results are immediately visible but, as the hyaluronic acid begins to get absorbed by the body in the next 6 to 12 months, they begin to fade.

Doctor’s Remarks

The technique of hyaluronic acid injections at the nose requires a good knowledge of the nose’s anatomy and should be performed by trained plastic surgeon. It is an easy and quick way to transform a nose with a big hump into a beautiful nose in perfect balance with the rest of your features. The disadvantage of this particular method is that results don’t last. However it can be a first trial before proceeding with a surgical procedure and achieving a more beautiful, functional nose.