What’s a laser treatment for spider veins?


Spider veins are caused by a malfunction of the veins due to weak or damaged valves that allow a large amount of blood to flow and cause veins to stretch. Spider veins may have red or blue color and are found on the face and the body, mainly the legs, and in some cases coexist with varicose veins. This condition may be due to heredity, ageing as well as hormonal changes during pregnancy. Spider veins should be regularly checked by a doctor because they may not just be a cosmetic concern but may hide a more serious blood flow malfunction. Moreover, spider veins on the face may cause rosacea and melasma, skin conditions that can be prevented or cured if spider veins are treated on time. Advanced laser methods treat spider veins successfully leaving the skin healthy and even.

Who’s a good candidate?


Spider veins mainly concern women and constitute a severe cosmetic concern. The ideal candidate for a laser treatment must be healthy and have mostly superficial and small spider veins. Deeper and more extended cases require other methods that the doctor might suggest if she sees it necessary.

Facts I need to know


Advanced technology laser offer different options of energy and pulse duration. The doctor chooses the appropriate method and the number of necessary treatments depending on the spider veins morphology. Laser is performed at the office, with local anesthetic cream and each treatment takes 10′ to 30′. Laser targets vessels with light energy that is absorbed by the blood within the vessels causing the vein to constrict and fade while blood is naturally rejected by the body.

Recovery Time


After a laser treatment for spider veins removal patients can immediately return to their work and everyday routine. At first they will notice mild swelling and redness at the area treated but both symptoms subside in just a few hours. Patients are instructed to wear special elastic socks if the treatment was performed on the legs, and avoid exposure to the sun. Results become fully visible after the suggested therapies, usually 3 to 4, have been completed.

Doctor’s Remarks


I come across different cases of spider veins every day at my office: bigger or smaller, superficial or deeper. I treat them all successfully thanks to edge technology lasers and injectable therapies.