What’s a laser treatment for spider veins?

Ageing is a natural but complex process. Our cells age as we do and, with time, they are not able to replicate and, as a result our skin begins to look tired and wrinkles and fine lines start appearing. Medecine nowadays uses localised treatments with stem cells to improve the aesthetic appearance. These cells are responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and they are usually injectied into the skin with micro-needling techniques.

Who’s a good candidate?

An eyelid surgery concerns both men and women, usually over the age of 35, even though in some cases it may be performed on younger people, especially if there is sagging on the upper eyelid that is impairing their vision. People with eye conditions, such as high eye pressure should have a full eye examination before surgery.

What to expect

Treatments with stem cells are an ideal option for men or women who wish to enhance their appearance and rejuvenate their face. Patients who avoid anti-ageing treatments because of the manufactured ingredients or the downtime involved might consider a stem cells therapy. Moreover, stem cell treatments are proved to have great results when it comes to hair growth so they are a good choice for men and women who are concerned by hair thinning.

Facts I need to know

Stem cells are usually combined with other ingredients that are proven beneficial for the skin’s health and rejuvenation. Stem cells are usually found in the fat of the body in areas like the abdomen or the hips. They are first harvested from these areas with liposuction, they are then isolated and processed before being injected into the skin with very fine needles. Liposuction is performed under local anesthesia and the stem cells injections treatment is not particularly painful and performed with a local anesthetic cream to minimise discomfort. Results are immediately visible and continue to improve for the next weeks and therapies can be repeated to further enhance tha face.

Recovery Time

A stem cell treatment doesn’t require any downtime. Mild bruising and redness can occur on the areas treated but symptoms subside in the next few hours while they can be easily covered by make up. Patients return to their everyday activities immediately and results begin to show immediately and continue to improve for the next 3 to 4 weeks. Sessions can be repeated in order to maintain the results and rejuvenate the face whenever necessary.