What’s a vascular malformation?


Vascular malformations concern many patients and can be congenital or appear later in life due to sun exposure, hormonal changes or chronological ageing. Some of the most common vascular malformations is the hemangioma (a birth mark that looks like a pink or a red spot), spider veins and cherry hemangioma (bright red moles). Vascular malformagions are usually benign and they are removed only for cosmetic reasons, when they affect the patients confidence or when they occur in parts of the body where they prevent patients from moving or getting dressed freely. Modern medicine disposes of advanced laser technology that removes any type of vascular malformation easily, effectively and without any pain.

Who’s a good candidate?


Laser is a safe method that can be performed on patients of every age that wish to treat a vascular malformation, even children with visible hemangiomas. Vascular malformations can occur at any age and the sooner they are treated the easier it is to remove them. Moreover, most patients do not feel at ease when they have vascular malformations on their face or their body. Laser treatments is the most affordable and pain-free method for them to gain back their lost self-confidence.

Facts I need to know


Laser is the most safe and effective method to treat vascular malformations. Edge laser technology removes birthmarks, hemangiomas that occured later on the face or the body as well as spider veins also on the face and the body. Laser treatments works as following: blood vessels absorb the light emitted by the laser and transform it into thermal energy that destroys small vessels without injuring the skin tissue and malformations are then absorbed by the body. Depending on the extent of the problem the doctor will suggest the number of therapies needed for each case. The procedure is short and painless and the results are permanent, however there is always the possibility for new malformations to appear in a different part of the patient’s face or body.

Recovery Time


After a laser treatment patients feel mild soreness on the area treated and they might even notice some swelling. Patients should avoid sun exposure during recovery and they are adviced to use ice packs and special ointments to treat symptoms. Results are visible once the required number of therapies are completed and the malformation is treated.

Doctor’s Remarks


Advanced laser technology gives us the power to treat smaller (red moles) or larger hemangiomas easily and pain-free. You should book a consultation appointment in order for us to decide the treatment plan that suits your case.